Show time!

by | Oct 28, 2012 | Art, Bhoomies, The Space Between

A few weeks ago was chaos over here. Long hours. Little sleep. Long to-do lists. All in preparation of my first open studio event.

The area where I live, Neuhausen, hosts a once yearly open studio event for the more than 70 artists in the region. The event is called “Kultüren” and is a play between the german words for culture “Kultur” and doors “Türen”. This was the tenth year that this event has taken place, but the first year that I took part.

What an adventure!

It started Saturday at two and at just about two, everything was in place. It really does take a village to set up an event like this and I am incredibly grateful to those that jumped in and help without hesitation. How lucky am I?

At exactly two, the first guests arrived. This is what it looked like.

What was on offer?

Never seen before paintings

Never seen before Bhoomies

Never seen before Designs

The Event

On Saturday the house was filled with art interested people from 2pm to 10pm and after sitting with some friends and a glass of wine for another couple of hours we packed up for the day, exhausted but happy.

On Sunday we re-opened our doors at noon. At first it was a bit quieter than Saturday, but then the house filled up quickly again.

I had so many special encounters with art lovers which made every minute of hard work that went into this event absolutely worth it. All in all the weekend was very exciting to me.

A huge thank you to all of you that visited the event and added to the spirit of the weekend. For those of you who couldn’t make it, not to worry, my new work will soon be uploaded to the website and you’re also welcome to make an appointment for a private studio tour.

Keep well!

Liesel x