Do you maybe have sky colour?

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I occasionally do creativity “preservation” sessions with kiddies. They are wonderful to work with. I once had a little princess (Isabel) and her chess-champ brother (Adam) over. They made this beautiful castle:

with this beautiful damsel:

and this super-strong superhero on his way to save the day:

We made our own custom tower-heads and carriages. When Isabel wanted me to pass her the blue she asked: “do you maybe have sea color?”.

How nice to see the world in your palette.

Then there was Emily the three-eared giant (so that she could listen better) by the lovely princess Isabel:

Emily the three eared giant (so that she can listen better) by Isabel

She is bigger than my husband (what he wouldn’t do for me:))

I recently had another little girl that came over for the second time. The first time was a little bit hard on me, because the little one didn’t speak a lot, which meant, I had to balance out the conversation ALL IN GERMAN (whew!).

So, we set up another date to play and wonder.

This meant getting ready. In preparation, I read the german version of “The Little Prince” aloud to my husband at breakfast in an attempt to loosen the tongue a little, should conversation be up to me, you know? I also removed gold from the palette for the session, as, in our first session, she made EVERYTHING in her best-loved color: gold:).

We decided to make fantasy animals, by drawing our favorite animals, cutting them up and using their parts to create our own animals.

Now, with gold removed from the palette I wondered what was coming. Surprise number one: she talked!! Yay! Then she made the most beautiful peacock, an oh-so-cute owl, a butterfly, a horse within a camp (so that he couldn’t runaway) and a flamingo with an egg hanging mid-air (so cute!!!!!!!).

As you can see the animals are super-cute. I felt nervous…

Would she really want to cut them up?

SO, I cut my animals up and glued my new animal friends into shape. When she was ready I assured her that she didn’t have to cut them up if she didn’t want to. And, to be honest, not sure I would’ve had the courage if they were mine… Then, without any hesitation, she cut off the legs of the peacock!!! [shocked!]

Here are her fantasy animals:

Strutting Rorse and Flutterfly

Flying Chorse

Flamingowl with magic wand (the pink oval shape was the flamingo’s egg)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen: that was natural creativity for you in action.

We can only learn from them.

play for all & all for play



  1. Susi Q

    I wanna play with you too Liesel ;) Invite me over and let’s play!!!

  2. Laney

    What fun sessions! I love how you are working with kids like this.

  3. Christie

    Oh wow, I love the “creativity preservation” idea! The kids sure made some fabulous pieces. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Colette

    Wow! Beautiful and inspiring :)