Show time!

October 28, 2012By Liesel BeukesArt, Bhoomies, The Space Between

A few weeks ago was chaos over here. Long hours. Little sleep. Long to-do lists. All in preparation of my first open studio event. The area where I live, Neuhausen, hosts a once yearly open studio event for the more than 70 artists in the region. The event is called “Kultüren” and is a play … Read More

Do you maybe have sky colour?

February 3, 2012By Liesel BeukesArt, Bhoomies, Creativity, Creativity Preservation, Joy, On wings 4 Comments

I occasionally do creativity “preservation” sessions with kiddies. They are wonderful to work with. I once had a little princess (Isabel) and her chess-champ brother (Adam) over. They made this beautiful castle: with this beautiful damsel: and this super-strong superhero on his way to save the day: We made our own custom tower-heads and carriages. … Read More