So, here’s what I think.

When we are born, we’re like different balls of wool. Orange, yellow, blue, chunky, soft, smooth, in more ways that you could ever imagine. Every single experience knits together to form who we are today. Whether it’s a good book that changes us or this morning’s sunrise. None of these knits look the same, they’re more unique than fingerprints. Your knit contains the whole of who you are. Celebrate what you have become, there’s just one of you. This life is YOUR adventure to knit into the jersey of your dreams.

About the Painting

I repeated the words “more unique than fingerprints” to build up the face. The wool is a symbol to say the rest is up to you. It’s long not over – you can start where you are and knit further anyway you would like.

The Knit of You | Mixed Media on Canvas | 120 x 40cm | 2012 |© Liesel Beukes